6 Free Phone Wallpapers

6 Free Phone Wallpapers

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Our phones are virtually attached to our hips nowadays and have even become more of a fashion statement than anything. Seriously, why else would we all have iPhones? I personally switched over to an iPhone just after high school because of the massive case selection they had! While we all may have a few different cases to choose from, one way I love to add extra personality to my phone is by switching out the wallpaper regularly! The best part? It’s free!

As a blogger and creative entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time on my computer and phone. Taking pictures, editing, getting inspired, jotting down ideas that pop into my head right before I fall asleep, I’m on my phone a lot. So I feel that creating places where I feel inspired is essential for my productivity. That is why I change and update my wallpapers frequently!

My home screen is always a rotation of my hubby or Jamie my little man, while my lock screen is saved for art or a quote. It keeps me feeling inspired even if I’m just checking the time.

So check out the 6 free phone wallpapers I made for you! Each is 1080×1920 px which is compatible for phone sizes all the way up to the iPhone 7+!

Free phone wallpapers

Free phone wallpapers

Download Yours!

#1 // #2 // #3

#4 // #5 // #6

How to download your wallpaper:

  1. Click on one of the numbers above to open a png image of your wallpaper.
  2. Download /save the image to your phone. (Or just take a screenshot!)
  3. Place as your wallpaper!

Although these are sized for iPhones, you can easily download them and use them on any smartphone. You may just have to slightly zoom in or zoom out to fit your screen. Which one is your favorite? [themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”] Cassie Jean

Complete your look with a cute phone case! [themify_icon icon=”fa-arrow-down” link=”http://”]

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