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About Life on Waller Live well. Create more. Spend less.

  I created Life on Waller to encourage women to embrace their talents and potential by cultivating a space that inspires a DIY attitude for all aspects of life! Let’s capture the idea that you, yes YOU, really can do it all! Life on Waller is a guide to inspire creativity with tutorials, tips, guides, and a little sarcasm along the way! The life on Waller is filled with creative spirit, optimism, and the ability to see how we can creatively shape the future. Here, we enhance and share talents that in turn builds confidence, self-worth, and happiness leaving you knowing you really can do it all!

Whether you want a beautiful “pin-worthy” home on the cheap, a step by step guide to get gorgeous waves because you can’t have one more #MomBun day, or are simply looking for dupes and hacks to live well while stretching your dollar, you’re in the right place.

Life on Waller was launched in September of 2016 with a dream to make money while staying at home with my little boy Jamie.  At the time, we had just moved across the country from Utah to Kentucky so my hubby could attend law and business school (JD/MBA) at UK, and I was looking for any way I could save and make a little money from home.

One night while scrolling through Pinterest I came across this pin from Rosemarie of The Busy Budgeter titled  “How I Made $12,484.68 in One Month as a Stay at Home Mom”. In her post, she describes how she made her money through blogging, and I was hooked.

About Page
Update! (04/27/17): Rosemarie is now making over $86,000 a MONTH blogging! Crazy right?

Growing up I was a creative entrepreneur, making lollipops to sell on the street corner or making and selling jewelry for my friends and neighbors. So when I decided to take the plunge and launch my own blog, DIY was a natural path.

I was already consistently working on some project and crafting so it was natural to document my work and share it with you! What I didn’t know was how much I would love blogging and the process!

That first month of blogging was all trial and error so full of frustration! I was determined to help anyone and everyone I could if I ever figured out this blogging thing. I found a passion in figuring out the world of blogging and passing my knowledge along all while making money on the side!

So as you make your way along my little site, don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the comments or on my contact page! And if you want to keep up with us here at Life on Waller be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below!

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Now if you’re new around here, you’ll soon find we love anything DIY, beautiful locks, freebies, and blogging! To help you get a familiar, start with some of our most popular posts! 

Meet Cassie Jean 

Hi all, Cassie Jean here! Wifey, mom to Jamie, licensed beautician, do it yourselfer and creative mind behind Life on Waller! First of all, I am super stoked you’re here! Look around,  take off your shoes, stay awhile! 

I’m just an ordinary girl with some extraordinary ambition. I’ve been a creative entrepreneur for as long as I can remeber. From homemade lollipop stands to making and selling jewelry door to door and even leading my own mini cheerleading lessons, I have anyways looked for ways to turn my talents and abilities into a profit. 

I definitely get my creativity from my mom who is also a creative entrepreneur! When I was a baby my mom made and sold baby bows. When I got older she and her sister started a business making picture frames, and now she runs her own interior design business working on projects that range from her neighbor’s bedroom to apartment complex showrooms. 

While my mom is super creative she is also very thrifty, and man do those two go together beautifully! She can find the most boring of pieces from a thrift store and fix it up to look like something out of a catalog or simply make something awesome from scratch cheaper than she could buy it. 

As I grew, little did I know, I was filling her shoes as a creative spirit and entrepreneur! 

I met and married my hottie husband in March of 2015 then that creative spirit led me to start beauty school in June. During beauty school, I had my beautiful Jamie, graduated soon after, then made the move to Kentucky right her on Waller Ave for law school. 

Staying at home with Jamie I would fill my days changing diapers, decorating my home, and looking for more to fill my life! Being poor students I was plagued with finding ways to beautify my life on the cheap which lead me to DIYing everything! I found a crazy passion in coming up with new money saving projects such as coloring my own hair, making furniture, and sewing bibs and blankets for my little guy. 

Up until this point, I had always believed there were only two types of bloggers. Blogging moms simply documenting family stories and pictures online or those bloggers who were beautiful and rich with a life much more interesting than mine. 

That’s when I read Rosemarie from The Busy Budgeter’s post on how she made a living as a stay-at-home mom blogging.  She really opened my eyes to the world of blogging in that even people as ordinary as me could make money doing it! 

Well, the rest is history. I started my Life on Waller in September 2016 documenting my money saving DIYs and creative ideas and never looked back. Everyday I get to connect with readers who actually love what I do, stay home with my little one, and make some money on the side.

I hope that Life on Waller will inspire you to be creative side and show you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to live a beautiful life! 

Welcome to my Life on Waller where we live well, by creating more, and spending less. 

Cassie Jean