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Hair Tutorials

60 Second Everyday Low Messy Chignon Hair Tutorial

Everyday chignon

Okay guys, I am not lying when I say I rock this look like 80% of the week! Since I made it up as I was running to the airport in November, I’ve fallen in love! This low messy chignon takes me literally 60 seconds and doesn’t require any pins or clips, just one elastic! I love this look for when I don’t have any time to do my hair or even when I’m just too lazy to do my…

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My Life

The Big Changes Coming To Life on Waller

Cassie jean scroggins

2017 was awesome for Life on Waller, I learned so much and now I’m ready to make some changes! Now I know January is half over, but there are some big changes coming to Life on Waller in 2018 and I want you to be apart of it! How We Did Last Year: We ended last year with: 50,000 monthly pageviews 416 Email subscribers 1706 Pinterest Followers 338 Facebook Likes 465 Instagram Followers ≈$300 a month gross income Last September…

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Mom Hacks

The Top 4 Apps That Save You Money on Groceries & Everyday Purchases

4 top apps to save money

Have you ever seen TLC’s tv show Extreme Couponing? After every episode that I’ve seen I feel extremely motivated to become an extreme couponer, saving hundreds and paying $1.50 for an entire month’s worth of groceries. However, this motivation dies after I realize how much time and effort goes into those monumental savings. I don’t have the time or attention to spend hours a day clipping coupons. I do however have the time to open an app and click a…

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Freebies Mom Hacks

Free Printable Baby Closet Dividers Preemie to 24 Months – 2 Styles

free printable baby closet dividers

I had a bunch of baby clothing of all different sizes after my baby shower when I was pregnant with Jamie. After he came, I was so glad I had organized all his things into sizes! As a new mom, I had no time to dig around looking for the right size onesie. Even now, he’s 19 months and sorting through his 12-month clothing, 18-month clothing, and now 24-month/2T is exhausting. But life gets busy, so I decided to make closet…

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Freebies Personal Development & Wellness

How To Set Goals You’ll Actually Achieve + Free Goal Setting Worksheet

smart goals

The New Year is creeping up on us, so we tend to start planning out our new year resolutions full of hope and excitement only to give up and drop them, or in some cases never start them! While we do seem to meet some of our goals, the vast majority end up as only wishes. Why is that? We all have the willingness and desire to improve ourselves and meet aspirations, so what are we missing? The #1 Reason…

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DIY Holiday

11 of the Easiest Ways To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

11 cheap and easy ways to decorate for christmas

I love this time of year! All the hustle and bustle of the holidays, hanging with family and friends, It’s just amazing! During this time Pinterest is flooded with amazing Instagram worthy festive decorated homes and DIY projects that give you some serious home envy! And if you’re anything like me, you probably don’t have the extensive funds and professional help to decorate your home for Chrismas. So instead I’ve put together 11 of the Easiest and some of the…

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Baby DIY

21 Baby DIYs for Nesting Moms

21 baby diys for nesting moms

There’s something about finding out your pregnant that makes me go into crafty overdrive for baby DIYs! Especially with my first! As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I hopped over to Joann Fabric, bought some mink and flannel fabric, and made my little one a gender-neutral minky blanket. That blanket was followed by leggings, a quilt, burp cloths, and so much more! It’s funny how soon you feel that nesting urge, so I’ve clumped together 21 of my favorite…

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DIY Etsy

15 Things To Make And Sell On Etsy For Some Extra Income

15 things to make and sell on etsy

There are way more online shoppers today and that number only keeps growing everyday! Which means now is the perfect time for you to take your creative skills and open your own shop and sell on Etsy! You can find DIY and craft tutorials for almost anything nowadays on Pinterest. And while we love to save ourselves some money with these DIYs we can also make money doing it! If you don’t know I love to DIY anything and everything…

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Hair Tutorials

Jumbo Pull Through Braid Pigtails Tutorial

pull through braid pigtails

We are seeing braids everywhere! And recently “big kid” pigtails are all the rage, so I’ve taken some inspiration from Pinterest to bring you this jumbo pull through braid pigtails tutorial! These pull through braids are amazing for long and short hair! Becuase it uses elastics to secure each section, you are able to get huge volume with less hair! I love these pull through braids! Here’s What You’ll Need: Package of small elastics 1 Bobby pin Comb Tip! I find…

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Free Printable Fill-in Floral Calendar

Free Printable floral calendar

I’ve come to find out that step #1 to feeling like you have a handle on your life is using a calendar! I mean, as a busy mom focused on what my child eats all day and what activities we can do to help his development, the least a calendar can do for me is help me know what day of the week it is. I think it can be easy to feel overwhelmed in whatever stage of life you’re…

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