How to Have a More Successful Black Friday

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First of all Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t eat too much turkey because we’ve got some shopping to do!

Oh Black Friday, I’m sure we all have a love-hate relationship with this day. Black Friday is full of killer deals, yet somehow we always seem to spend a large chunk of money on things we convince ourselves we need because “it’s just such a good deal!”.

While we do come home with some amazing deals, I feel like most come home with more impulse buys than the alternative. So this year lets really take advantage of Black Friday the right way, and getting the most out of our money!

Minimize Impulse Buys.

– Collect ads and make a shopping list!

This is usually where we all go wrong on Black Friday. Heading to the shops and coming home with mountains of items we hadn’t planned to buy. Leaving us feeling more regretful then accomplished the next day! Well, the best way to minimize our impulse buys this year is to make a list and stick to it!

Shop Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Week

Weeks, days, or even hours before the doors open for Black Friday, collect your favorite store’s ads and look through them. Don’t get the newspaper? You can find tons on Black Friday ads online here!  Have your kids circle, or make a list of things they want for christmas, look for things you buy frequently, things you need, and items you will end up buying later anyway.  These are the items you should add to your Black Friday shopping list. Having a list is #1 for minimizing impulse buys on black friday, helping you stay focused and give you direction among the chaos and lines of people. Once you have your list together try to stick to it! Black Friday shouldn’t be just a day to blow your entire paycheck just because someone said it was a good deal.

– Ask yourself…

If you find yourself headed to check out with an item not on your list, ask yourself these questions.

  • Why am I buying this?
  • Is the purchase going to improve my life in some important way?
  • Does it help me meet one of my life goals?
  • Will it simplify my life?

Be honest with yourself! I know these are silly questions but sometimes just the ability to think twice can help you make a better decision and help  you evaluate the value of a purchase, and why you’re making it.  Don’t try to sell yourself, If you have to talk yourself into it, don’t do it!

– Consider Carrying Only Cash.

This one is simple, calculate how much money you will need for all the items on your list add a few extra dollars for a few extras and hit the ATM. If you leave your credit and debit cards at home then you save yourself from those mountains of impulse buys.

Know When and How to Shop.

Nowadays the Black Friday shopping isn’t just on Friday. With stores opening Thanksgiving day through Friday morning, sometimes getting the best deals means knowing when to shop. Lots of stores will have doorbuster deals, meaning there is a special discount price for items during the early opening hours, with the best deals usually completely taken within the first hour. Some even give away free items!

Unfortunately you can be at every store the second it opens so keep track of the opening times for the shops you want to hit and the items to be purchased at each particular store. Prioritize your purchases and choose which store to hit up first. To take advantage of those doorbuster deals, you may need to plan on getting in line a few hours before opening, especially if you live in a highly populated area.

Another option is to shop online instead of in-store. While shops probably won’t have their doorbuster deals listed online, most will offer the same Black Friday deals often at earlier times! For example Walmart, one of the most popular places to shop on Black Friday, will offer their Black Friday prices online all day Thursday. Which means you can skip the killer crowds and insane lines.

Decide whether to shop in-store or online and when. Will you be one of the first few in line or will you stumble in a few hours after opening?

Double Check for Best Prices.

This is the whole reason we shop on Black Friday, to get the best price on our items! To do this, go through your ads and make sure you are getting the best deal! This Black Friday Walmart is offering a certain 4k 50″ TV for just under $300 while Target is selling the same one for $50 cheaper! I don’t know about you but I don’t want to spend the extra $50 if I don’t have to!

I’ve found the best way to find the absolute best deals on Black Friday is through apps on my phone! The top recommended one this year is the Black Friday 2016 Ads App from Sazze. This free app has everything you need to kill it this year all on your phone!

– You’ll get:

  • Breaking news and leaked Black Friday deals in real time
  • Ability to see store advertisements
  • You can search deals by store and category
  • View discounted products and prices, plus limited-quantity doorbusters
  • Get notifications on the latest news and sale events
  • Ability to save your favorite products to your with list
  • Access to the best Black Friday coupons

This app is a super tool for Black Friday plus it’s free so of course you need to try it.

So before you shop, double check that you’re getting the best deals on all the items on your list. Or double check while you’re in line with all your items. What else are you going to do anyway?

Use Coupons!

This is something I just found out about this year! I think we always just assume you are getting the best deal, or coupons won’t work on Black Friday but that isn’t true! Like mentioned before a quick easy way to access some of these coupons is by downloading the Black Friday 2016 Ads App by Sazze, they offer access some of these Black Friday coupons. Sign up for email list’s a few days before to receive a % off coupon or look for manufacturer’s coupons to add extra savings!

Extra tips!

  • Use discounted gift cards from to add extra savings
  • Use the Amazon Shopping app to do real time price checks
  • Take a friend and split up to get all the items you need
  • Don’t take your kids!



Use these Black Friday strategy tips to make sure you have the best Black Friday this year! Happy Thanksgiving and good luck with your Black Friday shopping! Don’t forget to pin it, comment, and share! [themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”] Cassie Jean



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