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  • the best diy lipsense remover scrub
    Beauty DIY

    DIY The Best LipSense Remover Scrub + LipSense Review

    DIY: The Best LipSense Remover Scrub! These pictures are only a few minutes apart! When I am trying to decide what LipSense color to wear that day, a swatch on my hand doesn’t really cut it. So I am glad I can quickly remove the…

  • diy placemat makeup brush roll
    Beauty DIY

    DIY Placemat Makeup Brush Roll

    Think of your makeup stash, what does it look like? Is it all carefully laid out on your vanity or overstuffed into a too small makeup bag? Mine is the latter. In our little place here in Kentucky we don’t have much vanity space so…

  • DIY heating pad
    Beauty DIY

    DIY Rice Hot/Cold Pad

    This hot/cold pad is heaven! It is my best friend when my hubby won’t let me put my cold feet on his back! 😉 I made my very first rice hot/cold pad when I was 14 for a church activity, and loved them ever since. Rice…

  • Beauty DIY Holiday

    DIY Peppermint Bath Soak

    This DIY peppermint bath soak is the best thing since sliced bread! I am in love! While thinking of what gifts I would give to my friends this year for Christmas, I came up with this idea for making a bath soak! So I made…

  • Beauty DIY Hair Tutorials

    DIY Plumping Lip Scrub

    This DIY Plumping Lip Scrub literally only takes 5 minutes, and I can almost guarantee that you already have everything at your house! I love this lip scrub because it makes my lips super smooth while also plumping them and keeping them moisturized! Today we…