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  • Diy v neck choker tee
    DIY Fashion

    DIY Cut Out V Neck Choker Tee Tutorial

    Guys this tee is so unbelievably cute! These cut out v neck choker tees are so in right now but can be pretty expensive! When I saw these tees, I instantly feel in love! But also was confused as to why people would spend more…

  • diy mom tees
    DIY Fashion Holiday

    DIY Mother’s Day Mom Tees that are #MomGoals

    My mom is real #MomGoals.  She’s the lady that looks awesome in sweatpants and a hat and gets mistaken for my brother’s girlfriend type of mom. Yeah, we all know the one, the mom that would get hit on by all of your male friends in…

  • DIY Cloth Sunglasses Case
    DIY Fashion

    DIY Cloth Sunglasses Case

    We all know the terrible feeling of ruining a killer pair of sunglasses by simply throwing them into our purse of the middle console of our car. That is why a case for your sunglasses is so essential! It will save your sunglasses from scratches and…

  • DIY Fashion

    Easy 5 Step Iron-on State Tee + Templates For All 50 States

    I’ve been missing my home state a little so while browsing through Etsy the other day, I found a gray v-neck with a beautiful swished “Utah” across the chest, and bam! Creative inspiration ignited! I already had transfer paper from my DIY Sleepy Eyes Pillow…

  • DIY Fashion

    My Favorite Finds: Fashion DIYs

    Guess who turns 21 tomorrow? This girl! Yes I am finally graduating to the world of driving rental cars and horizontal licenses. It’s a pretty big deal, anyway besides that, I can’t believe we are already in November! I’ve been busting my bum to get ahead…

  • Fashion

    10 Fall 2016 Outfits Under $100

    Happy first day of fall! I feel like I go through this every year, fall comes and all my clothes from last fall have magically disappeared! I build a new fall wardrobe, then along comes spring and all my spring clothes are gone. It’s just…

  • DIY Fashion

    DIY Leather Choker Wrap Necklace

    Well the beloved 90’s chokers are back, and have been for a few months! I’ve got to admit I was slightly behind the trend thinking, “Are those really back?”. But how can you not love them when so many beautiful people like, Cara Delevingne and…