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  • 50 Free things to do with your one year old

    50 Free (Or Almost Free) Things To Do With Your 1-Year-Old

    As a stay-at-home mom, I am constantly trying to figure out different activities I can do with Jamie other than playing with his same old toys over and over. At one year old, I feel like he’s just old enough now that I had to…

  • costa rica trip 50 tips to traveling with a baby

    40 Tips for Traveling with a Baby – Our Costa Rica Trip

    Warning, super long post! Well, May was a crazy month! Jamie turned one, post coming soon! Plus we were on vacation the entire month which was NOT planned! Leaving my blog to suffer a little but seize the day right? I did however finally purchase…

  • Life

    How to Have a More Successful Black Friday

    First of all Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t eat too much turkey because we’ve got some shopping to do! Oh Black Friday, I’m sure we all have a love-hate relationship with this day. Black Friday is full of killer deals, yet somehow we always seem to spend a large chunk…

  • Life

    Before You Get Married: Advice from a 20 Year Old Wife and Mom

    For all the girls who are getting married “too” young, before you do, can I give you some advice? I come from a town where getting married young, and even being engaged in high school, wasn’t all that uncommon. So it didn’t come as a…

  • Life

    Why You Shouldn’t Use The “I’m Pregnant” Excuse

    When it comes to pregnancy, everyone experiences it differently. While others may have it harder than others, just being pregnant is something to be excited about! Luckily as modern moms we have unlimited access to information readily available to us via the internet! And if…

  • Life Money

    How I Got All My Wedding Flowers Under $700

    When Brian and I decided to get married, we also decided we were not going to go into debt ourselves or empty our parents wallets on the wedding. Being young college students with practically no money, resulted in me being my own wedding planner, and…