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How to Create a Killer Blog Name + Free Worksheet!

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Oh yes, the blog name. This step in the process of starting a blog was probably the hardest and most stressful step for me! I spent weeks going back and forth on names, checking availability,Β and being disappointed when the name I had finally come to love was unavailable! Well obviously after weeks and weeks of brainstorming and throwing ideas off my mom (aka my BFF), I finally came up with Life on Waller.

I felt that my name was a good representation of my thought process through this journey of starting a blog. It felt personal and left me with room to grow and the option to explore what I really wanted to write about without being nailed down to one area.

When trying to come up with a blog name I read a bunch of other blogger’s suggestions for creating the perfect blog name. I found tons of awesome advice but was having trouble getting my creative juices flowing and on the right track. That is probably why it took me so long to find a name I loved!

Trust me I know how frustrating this process can be. I wished that someone would just poof out of thin air and tell me the perfect, and available, name for my blog. While I can’t do that for you, I can give you some direction! I’ve put together a complete worksheet to creating a killer blog name you are sure to love. This worksheet includes a few questions to get those creative juices flowing and help guide you down the right path.

Things to keep in mind while completing this worksheet:

  • Take your time, don’t rush it!
  • Your blog name will stick with you for a long time, so make sure your name is a good representation of you and your blog!
  • Create a name you love. If your name is just “good enough” it is bound to bug the heck out of you soon enough, so search for something you love!
  • Keep it simple! Try to avoid names that are too long or intentionally spelling words wrong. You want something that is easy for your readers to remember and is easy to find!
  • Use your own name! was actually one of my very first options that I had loved but was already taken. Don’t forget that your own name is also a good option for a blog name especially if you’re starting a lifestyle blog!
  • Don’t let this stress you out. Yes, you want your name to represent you and your content well, and you want to absolutely love your name. But don’t let this process of creating a name take over your life and hold you back from starting a blog. A name change is hard but not impossible. If you really want to change it later, so put some thought into this, create a name and move on!

Download The Worksheet!

Good luck on your blogging journey! I’d love to hear the names you come up with so feel free to add them to the comments below!

If you’ve found your perfect blog name but aren’t sure what to do next, check out my guide to creating a profitable blog! I will show you step by step how I created my own profitable blog and can help you create one too! Happy blogging!Β [themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”] Cassie Jean

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