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DIY Baby Crinkle Toy

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Today’s DIY is a quick and super cheap crinkle toy for your little one! I spend $0 on this DIY Baby Crinkle Toy, and I bet you won’t have to either! I made this little toy in 20 minutes mostly because my husband surprised me in the middle of this DIY for a surprise lunch so I was rushed out the door. So yes this doesn’t look perfect but isn’t that the point? This is literally just a bunch of my scraps from all kinds of other DIYs I have done, oh yeah and a popcorn wrapper! LOL! So pop yourself some popcorn, saving the wrapper of course and pull out our scraps!

You can also just make this a fun fabric toy by not using any plastic in the middle, but my Jamie loves the crinkling sound it makes!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • A piece plastic. (The slightly thicker plastic works best, more crinkle)
  • Scrap fabric, ribbons, felt, any thing your baby would love!
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine

My scraps came from my DIY Ice Cream Cone Costume, DIY Fringe Bibs, and some ribbon I used to make another DIY Pacifier Clip!

First cut out two scraps pieces of fabric to match the size of your piece of plastic. Then pin on all of your ribbon and what not onto the right side of one of the pieces of fabric you just cut out, with the ends facing in.

Next, layer your other piece of fabric right sides in, onto of your pinned fabric. Then layer the plastic on top. Sew three edges, and flip rightsize out. I decided to do a zig zag stitch because that is what my machine was set to but a regular stick will work great too!

Now fold in your open edge, inserting your remaining ribbons for that side and top stitch all the way around to close that opening and reenforce all the ribbons.

I gave my crinkle toy’s ribbons a little pull to make sure everything was secure. Yes, that is the over cautious mom I am, don’t want lil’ Jamie to choke on any loose ribbons! You can really never be too safe!

Jamie LOVES this toy so much! Which makes my momma heart so happy, I will probably make a million! Don’t forget to leave a comment or pin this DIY to Pinterest! [themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”] Cassie Jean


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