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Easy 5 Minute Twisted Top Knot Half up Tutorial

twisted half up messy bun

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Easy 5 Minute half-up Twisted Top Knot TutorialEasy 5 Minute half-up Twisted Top Knot Tutorial Easy 5 Minute half-up Twisted Top Knot Tutorial

When you don’t have the time, you don’t have the time! I am often hurrying to get myself ready in the morning and have to debate on whether I want to spend what little time I have on my hair or makeup. Usually, makeup wins because I feel like having makeup helps me not look so dead and my hair can be quickly thrown into a bun or something.

Well, eventually I got sick of the mom bun and wanted to come up with other quick hairstyles I can use when I have zero time to spend on my hair.

This twisted top knot half up hairstyle is a super quick look that I can throw together in just minutes. My hair has a natural wave to it so the parts that are left down still look styled. Some days I may have even curled my hair the day before and it looks even better!

While this look is perfect for the busy momma, it is also perfect for when you just don’t want to get ready. I find that if I at least do something with my hair or makeup, even if I’m not going anywhere, I feel better about myself throughout the day. Whipping this hairstyle together gives me that confident, attractive feeling without wasting a bunch of time on my hair when the only one who will see it is my one-year-old.

Check out the full tutorial video below!

Let’s conquer that mom bun!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 4-5 Bobby Pins
  • 1 small Elastic

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Easy 5 Minute twisted to knot half up hairstyle Easy 5 Minute twisted to knot half up hairstyle

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