Quick 2 Minute Half up Messy Bun Tutorial

half up messy bun

Check Out The Half Up Messy Bun Tutorial: Here’s What You’ll Need: A few bobby pins Hair elastic Step 1: Start by taking the top section of your hair leaving the bang area and pull it back to make a pony tail. With your fingers, comb back the very top of the section to create one cohesive section then secure that ponytail with an elastic. (Don’t mind my crazy faces!) Step 2: Gently pull out the section that you just…

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50 Free (Or Almost Free) Things To Do With Your 1-Year-Old

50 Free things to do with your one year old

As a stay-at-home mom, I am constantly trying to figure out different activities I can do with Jamie other than playing with his same old toys over and over. At one year old, I feel like he’s just old enough now that I had to be a bit more creative when coming up with activities for us to do. He’s still too young to understand games like dress up and pretend but he’s too old to be entertained by a…

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Decor DIY

Make 2 Display Style Nursery Bookshelves for $15

diy display bookshelves under $15

When you’re in school with a small family, you don’t have hundreds of dollars to throw into your dream nursery for your baby! But you don’t have to sacrifice style just because you have a small budget! In Jamie’s room, I wasn’t sure what to put in this space under his window because his closet is right up next to this space and the doors fold out. So putting furniture up against this wall would mean we couldn’t open that…

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How to Monetize Your Blog From Day One

how to monetize your blog from day one

There are many ways bloggers make money from their blogs. Ads, affiliates, sponsors, their own products, and free gifts. And those are just the most popular! However, when your brand new to the blogosphere it can be next to impossible to land a sponsor or convince people to buy your own brand new product. So what do you do if you want to start making money from day one? Ads & Affiliates My Friends! As a brand new to blogger,…

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Freebies Money

3 Free Monthly Budgeting Printables to Help You Budget Like a Boss

3 Free Monthly Budgeting Printables to help you budget like a boss

Budgeting! Since Brian and I got married, we have been horrible at keeping a budget! After opening our wedding cards and counting our cash, we both had more money than we had ever had in our bank accounts before. Honestly, as poor college students, that wasn’t too hard to do, but still, we were excited. We spent nights going out to dinner and movies when we should have been saving. A year later, we had spent all of our wedding…

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Easy 5 Minute Twisted Top Knot Half up Tutorial

twisted half up messy bun

When you don’t have the time, you don’t have the time! I am often hurrying to get myself ready in the morning and have to debate on whether I want to spend what little time I have on my hair or makeup. Usually, makeup wins because I feel like having makeup helps me not look so dead and my hair can be quickly thrown into a bun or something. Well, eventually I got sick of the mom bun and wanted…

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Baby DIY Life

Jamie’s DIY Where The Wild Things Are First Birthday Party

Jamie's diy where the wild things are first birthday

Scroll Down to see the tutorials for the food, decorations, and Jamie’s outfit!    Jamie turned one! While we were on vacation in May, Jamie had his first birthday! This post is obviously a little late considering his birthday was over a month ago. But coming back from a month off has been hard to get on top of everything again! Anyway, I decided to do a “Where The Wild Things Are” themed party for Jamie. It was so adorable!…

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Beauty Beauty DIY

DIY The Best LipSense Remover Scrub + LipSense Review

the best diy lipsense remover scrub

DIY: The Best LipSense Remover Scrub! These pictures are only a few minutes apart! When I am trying to decide what LipSense color to wear that day, a swatch on my hand doesn’t really cut it. So I am glad I can quickly remove the color without too much effort thanks to this DIY! After trying a few different removal items, baby wipes, witch hazel, LipSenseOops remover. I found that the very best thing to take off LipSense is Neutrogena’s Transparent…

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40 Tips for Traveling with a Baby – Our Costa Rica Trip

costa rica trip 50 tips to traveling with a baby

Warning, super long post! Well, May was a crazy month! Jamie turned one, post coming soon! Plus we were on vacation the entire month which was NOT planned! Leaving my blog to suffer a little but seize the day right? I did however finally purchase a good camera as you can tell by the photos above was a great investment for Life on Waller. Thank goodness I took that photography class in high school! Anyway, we are finally back and I’m…

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Beauty DIY

DIY Placemat Makeup Brush Roll

diy placemat makeup brush roll

Think of your makeup stash, what does it look like? Is it all carefully laid out on your vanity or overstuffed into a too small makeup bag? Mine is the latter. In our little place here in Kentucky we don’t have much vanity space so I keep all my makeup in one small toiletry bag I stole from my husband. It really isn’t very attractive all bulging at the seams and barely zipping. But the worst part is all my…

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