Beauty Beauty DIY

DIY Translucent Powder + The Cheapest & Best Product for “Baking” Your Makeup

Okay all, let me just start off by saying wow! I know my way around a Sephora but let me just tell you I am IN LOVE with this DIY translucent powder! Seriously, I have never had a makeup product that made my skin feel so soft and light, and that’s not even the best part. This DIY translucent powder is dirt cheap! Literally, I think dirt is more expensive per oz than this powder. So let me give you a…

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Decor DIY

DIY Color Blocked Cork Coasters

Hey lovelies! Today’s DIY is super simple and only takes a few minutes. This DIY color blocked cork coasters are super customizable by mixing colors and different patterns. This is also a killer way to add a little more personality in your home! Plus I just bought some new mugs and needed an adorable coaster so I wouldn’t ruin my already ugly coffee table. I guess you could say why use a coaster if your coffee table is so ugly?…

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How to Start a Profitable Blog – A Complete Step by Step Guide

This post contains affiliate links. Which means I may earn a small commission on things you purchase through those links at no extra cost to you. Have you ever wanted to start a blog but have no idea how or where to start? Well, I was in your exact same spot not too long ago! I had always been interested in blogging for a living, but it wasn’t until I stumbled on this post from the Busy Budgeter titled “How I…

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Baby DIY

DIY Ombré Painted Blocks

Quick DIYs are the best agreed? I whipped these beautiful ombre painted blocks one evening while watching Criminal Minds with my hubby. It took me about 45 minutes but keep in mind that’s painting and watching my show at the same time! I saw some cute painted blocks on Pinterest and, like all my projects, was inspired! I wanted to do my own spin on some baby blocks and decided to go with an ombre effect! Jamie’s really been diggin’ them…

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DIY More

DIY Tassel Paperclip Bookmarks

We’ve been trying to get a little more organized over here (the pantry and Jamie’s closet mostly). While creating tabs for one of my binders to keep my church responsibilities organized, I thought of this awesome idea! I know I’ve seen these tassel paperclip bookmarks, probably Pinterest, and thought those would be so easy to make! As a result, I decided to make these bad boys for my blogging planner and binders as paper tabs! Each color represents something different…

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Baby Decor Freebies

New Nursery Wall Art Instant Downloadable Prints + 1 Free Printable

Yay! New items in our Life on Waller Etsy store, Nursery Wall Art! While slowly making my way around decorating Jamie’s nursery, I wanted to create some art to print and display on his walls. So after hours of work, I just couldn’t get myself to stop! Which resulted in 11 adorable nursery prints that can be downloaded and printed in sizes up to 16×20! While these prints are super cheap only $5 for a high-resolution JPEG file and a…

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DIY Fashion

Easy 5 Step Iron-on State Tee + Templates For All 50 States

I’ve been missing my home state a little so while browsing through Etsy the other day, I found a gray v-neck with a beautiful swished “Utah” across the chest, and bam! Creative inspiration ignited! I already had transfer paper from my DIY Sleepy Eyes Pillow I did for Jamie’s nursery, so I snatched a   cotton tee from Hobby Lobby and was off to create my own amazing Utah tee! This DIY was incredibly easy and only took about 10…

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DIY Freebies Holiday

10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Free Printables For The Perfect Valentine

January is getting pretty drab,  luckily there are only a few days left. I think I can speak for all of us when I say I am so ready for the blast of color that comes with February and Valentine’s Day! Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? A day dedicated to love and treats? Count me in! This Valentine’s Day is just around the river bend, so this year add a little extra fun to your treats! From punny donuts to…

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How to Round Brush Your Own Hair to Create the Perfect Blow Out

how to round brush your own hair to create the perfect blow out

Create a beautiful, voluminous blow out by round brushing your own hair! The blow out is loved by everyone in the beauty industry but usually costs a pretty penny! Instead, achieve this look by round brushing your own hair at home using this helpful tutorial! Round brushing can be a little tricky at first so remember practice makes perfect! It may take you longer at first but with proper products, equipment, and technique it will soon be like second nature. This tutorial will…

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DIY More

DIY Rice Hot/Cold Pad

DIY heating pad

This hot/cold pad is heaven! It is my best friend when my hubby won’t let me put my cold feet on his back! 😉 I made my very first rice hot/cold pad when I was 14 for a church activity, and loved them ever since. Rice when microwaved can get very hot and will retain it’s heat for hours! When placed in the freezer, it can be used like an ice pack! My hubby use to use a rice hot/cold pad in…

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