How to Round Brush Your Own Hair to Create the Perfect Blow Out

how to round brush your own hair to create the perfect blow out

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Create a beautiful, voluminous blow out by round brushing your own hair! The blow out is loved by everyone in the beauty industry but usually costs a pretty penny! Instead, achieve this look by round brushing your own hair at home using this helpful tutorial!

Round brushing can be a little tricky at first so remember practice makes perfect! It may take you longer at first but with proper products, equipment, and technique it will soon be like second nature. This tutorial will include a basic video tutorial and a more detailed written tutorial. Go through both to get all the awesome tips and tricks to achieve the perfect blow out!  Stretch out those wrists and let’s get to it!

blow out tutorial

Here’s What You’ll Need:


Round Brush Blow Out Tutorial:

80% Dry Hair

To start off this look you will need to rough dry (using hands and blow dryer) your hair till it is 80% dry. Yes 80%, that means almost totally dry not just towel dried hair. If your hair is too wet, you will be brushing and drying FOREVER, and yes, it will kill your wrists! I can almost feel the carpal tunnel.


Next, add any desired products. My favorite to use is a root lifter, a thermal protectant, and a smoothing creme to prevent frizz. These products will create extra volume, protect your hair from the heat of the blow dryer, and prevent your hair from frizzing.

Section Hair

You want to build your shape from the bottom up, so divide your hair into clean sections and start at the nape. I usually only work in 3 layers, but if you have very thick hair you can work with thinner sections and more layers.

Attach Concentrator Nozzle

Using a concentrator nozzle on your blow dryer helps to keep the air flow concentrated on the section you are working on and thus reveals the best results and the least amount of frizz! I always use a concentrator nozzle while blowing out clients, yet for some reason I stink at using it on myself. So I would suggest using the concentrator if you can!

Start Blowin’

Using a high/hot setting on your dryer, pick up a section of hair about 2″-3″ wide. You don’t want your section wider than your brush or thicker then it’s depth.   Placing your round brush under the section and begin turning downward and away from the scalp. Directing the airflow toward the top of the brush by angling your dryer away from you and going with the cuticle (towards your ends), in the same direction you are pulling.

Lift the section at the base (root) straight up and then away from you with your round brush and dryer. This will create great volume at the base!

Keep turning your brush and working your way down the shaft concentrating on the ends. Don’t be afraid to go over your section a few times. I usually do about 3 full passes.

Hit It With A Cool Shot!

This is the most important part of your blow out, and the secret to keeping those curls lasting!

Once the section is completely dry still concentrating on those ends, switch to a cool setting. I would always say ” HIT IT WITH A COOL SHOT!” in the salon.  Most blow dryers will have a little button on them for an easy switch. Keep turning the brush while blowing the cool air until the hair has cooled. This will set your curls in their round shape! Finally pull your round brush through to finish that section.

Give It Direction

Next go over your finished section, brushing them in the desired direction either toward or away from the face. Instead of having everything flip/curl in or out try a mix of both directions. This is ultimately what will give you the beloved blow out look.

Leave Bang Area for Last

Once you have round brushed your entire head, finish with your bang area. My favorite method is to take the entire section and round brush down and away from your face. Once the section is done, flip your hair back over and Boom! You’re done! I feel that the bang area is what seals the deal here and completes the look.


Remember you can go back over sections with the round brush and brush them in the direction you want them to go. I would suggest however not to over brush your sections, direct them in 2 or 3 directions then leave them. The whole point to the blow out is that it kind of does it’s own thing so don’t try to completely control it!

Spritz with a bit of flexible hairspray and a drop of argan oil on your ends!

how to round brush your own hair to create the perfect blow out

Bonus Tips!

  • Holding your round brush horizontally will create more of a flip, while holding the brush vertically will create more of a spiral curl.


  • Never hold your blow dryer in one place for too long. Talk about major damage.


  • Always direct the hot air away from your face and scalp to avoid burning yourself!


  • If you find that your hair is frizzing, it is most likely because your air flow is directed against the cuticle (towards the roots). Remember to keep that air flow with the cuticle!


What did you think of this tutorial? Let me know in the comments below! [themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”] Cassie Jean

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  • Jeannie
    January 26, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    What a great tutorial!! I might be able to do my own now! ?