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So you’ve stumbled across the inter web and landed here at Life on Waller. Or maybe you’ve been looking around here and just wanted to know a little bit more! You may be wondering what we’re all about here at LOW or just what our little slice of the internet can do for you! Either way, I’m super stoked you’re here!

My name is Cassie, 21-year-old momma and wifey to my one-year-old son Jamie and my cute hubby Brian. I started Life on Waller in fall 2016 when my small family made the move across the country from Utah to Kentucky and landed here on Waller Ave.

Life on Waller started out solely as a DIY blog full of creative projects that could save you a few bucks but I just felt like something was missing! Expanding LOW to include topics catered towards young wives and moms like me just seemed right. Now my main goal here at LOW is to share practical solutions and inspiration for young moms to tackle the mom life and still feel like you! Because the mom life isn’t only about parenting!

We still bring you awesome DIY projects to save you money. But we also share tips for saving and making money, along with solutions for life as a young wife and mom. You’ll also find we love to focus on the other half of your life through beautiful hair tutorials and advice to help you achieve your own personal goals! With a few post about my life along the way.

It’ s all about embracing and loving this role as wife and mom while other women our age are out partying and what not. As a mom, you can still be you, feel beautiful, have a life, and reach your goals. Here, we love the mom life!


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About Me

Hey all, Cassie here! I was born and raised in Utah which is also where I met my husband Brian. We were married in 2015, and in 2016 I graduated beauty school, we had a baby, and moved across the country. You could say life was moving pretty fast!

Well, when we landed here in Kentucky on Waller ave, Brian and I made the decision that I would stay home with our little one while he was attending law school. Only a few weeks into our first semester, while at home with Jamie, I found a post from the Busy Budgeter titled, “How I Made $12,484.68 In One Month as A Stay at Home Mom.”. My mind was blown!

I was so intrigued, and after reading her post, I had already made up my mind that I was going to start a blog and make money while I stayed home with Jamie. So, with the blessing of my hubby, I launched Life on Waller a few weeks later in fall 2016.

Growing up I was very creative. I would make and sell jewelry, write songs, and experiment with my hair and makeup. When I got older, I went to beauty school and, by that point, I was DIY obsessed. So starting LOW as a DIY blog was so natural but transitioning to a blog for young moms was even better. It filled every aspect of my life that I loved and I got to share my tips and ideas with other moms like me. Including my DIYs!

When I first read Rosemarie’s post, the idea of blogging wasn’t new to me. I had actually always wanted to blog, but always thought it was only for the young, rich, and beautiful full-time traveler. But guys, that isn’t the case! And after I realized that you really don’t have to be anyone special to be a successful blogger and started blogging, I felt like a little piece of me that was missing while staying home with my baby was filled! Don’t get me wrong, I  LOVE being a mom but being able to be a stay at home mom and still have my own hobbies, goals, dreams, and business has made life more full than I could have ever imagined!

Nowadays at Life on Waller you’ll find hair tutorials, mom tips, killer DIY projects, freebies, and advice on how to blog because I am obsessed! You’ll soon find I love pretty hair, anything DIY, and sharing my ideas from the mom life with you guys!

I’m all about empowering other young moms and help them realize they can do anything they set their minds to whether that be making a quilt for your baby or starting your own business from home! Just because you’re a mom, doesn’t mean you can’t have your own hobbies or achieve your own goals and dreams!

XX | Cassie

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