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5 Steps to Creating a Brand Board For Your Blog Using Canva

how to create a brand board for your blog

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When someone enters your site, you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. You want your blog to clearly show who you are and give a specific vibe and feel that attracts your target audience.  One of the best ways to do this in by creating a consistent brand within your blog. When creating a brand, the easiest way to stay inspired and consistent is by creating a brand board complete with your logo, color palette, fonts, and inspiration pictures. Your brand board is a great source for inspiration and can be used as a reference point when deciding what is and isn’t on-brand. Here is my brand board for Life on Waller

brand boardIn the blogosphere, our goal is to create amazing content that resonates with our readers leaving them inspired and motivated. You don’t want your message to be lost in a cluttered inconsistent blog that doesn’t represent you or your mission well. And creating a brand board doesn’t have to be hard! You can make your own beautiful brand board in only 15 minutes using Canva!

Step 1 – Find Your Inspiration

Do you want a bold and bright feel? Dark and romantic? Light and airy? Simple and minimalist?

When you aren’t exactly sure what kind of vibe you want your blog to give off, a good place to start is by looking on other blogs or Pinterest for some inspiration. Look at the blogs you love, do they give off the same vibe you want your readers to feel? What kind of colors do they use and what kind of fonts. Do this on Pinterest too! Search and save pictures and other brand boards that inspire you!

Step 2 – Pick Your Colors

When picking your colors I would look for 3 main colors and a few secondary colors and find their HTML codes for each. A great way to find this is to head over to HTML Color Codes where they have a tool that tells you what the code is for any color in an image. Simply upload the image and click on the color you want the code for!

For Life on Waller, I wanted a light, airy yet fun vibe. I wanted to inspire creativity without being too loud, so I went with a few pastel colors complimented by black white and gray.

Step 3 – Select Your Fonts

You don’t want to have too many fonts on your blog, so stick to only about 3 fonts. For my fonts I went right off the fonts I had in my logo and tagline. I wanted to keep things simple with a classic serif and sans serif font that was easy to read and included a beautiful script font again for that creative vibe.

Step 4 – Find Pictures That Are On-Brand.

Once you have a defined feel you are looking for and colors, go on Pinterest and look for elements and pictures that fit that brand. Having a collage of these on-brand photos can help you get inspired and stay consistent. Pick out about 5-7 and save them to your computer.

Step 5 – Put Them All Together on Canva

Canva is an awesome free tool I use all the time to create graphics for my blog. I show you exactly step by step how to create a beautiful brand board using this amazing tool in my video below!


Canva is amazing for any sort of graphics, not just brand boards! Play around and see what else you can create! I hope this tutorial was helpful in helping you create your on brand board for your blog! If you’ve recently rebranded your blog I’d love to check it out! Leave me a link down below! [themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”] Cassie Jean

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