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  • Baby DIY

    DIY Mini Leather Backpack

    We’re having backpack love over here! I am a Fawn Design obsessor, and if you haven’t seen their bags you need to look them up right now! Anyway, they recently launched a mini version of their original bag and I was dying to get one for Jamie.…

  • Diy v neck choker tee
    DIY Fashion

    DIY Cut Out V Neck Choker Tee Tutorial

    Guys this tee is so unbelievably cute! These cut out v neck choker tees are so in right now but can be pretty expensive! When I saw these tees, I instantly feel in love! But also was confused as to why people would spend more…

  • diy display bookshelves under $15
    Decor DIY

    Make 2 Display Style Nursery Bookshelves for $15

    When you’re in school with a small family, you don’t have hundreds of dollars to throw into your dream nursery for your baby! But you don’t have to sacrifice style just because you have a small budget! In Jamie’s room, I wasn’t sure what to…

  • diy placemat makeup brush roll
    Beauty DIY

    DIY Placemat Makeup Brush Roll

    Think of your makeup stash, what does it look like? Is it all carefully laid out on your vanity or overstuffed into a too small makeup bag? Mine is the latter. In our little place here in Kentucky we don’t have much vanity space so…

  • DIY Marbled Mugs 2 Ways
    Decor DIY

    DIY Marbled Mugs 2 Ways

    People are marbling everything right now, nails, paper, even fabric. I decided to join the bandwagon and marble a few mugs! While messing around with the regular nail polish and water method I stumbled on a way to create a more scattered marble look as…

  • diy mom tees
    DIY Fashion Holiday

    DIY Mother’s Day Mom Tees that are #MomGoals

    My mom is real #MomGoals.  She’s the lady that looks awesome in sweatpants and a hat and gets mistaken for my brother’s girlfriend type of mom. Yeah, we all know the one, the mom that would get hit on by all of your male friends in…

  • DIY Cloth Sunglasses Case
    DIY Fashion

    DIY Cloth Sunglasses Case

    We all know the terrible feeling of ruining a killer pair of sunglasses by simply throwing them into our purse of the middle console of our car. That is why a case for your sunglasses is so essential! It will save your sunglasses from scratches and…

  • DIY Burp Cloth
    Baby DIY

    Easy 5 Step DIY Burp Cloth / Burp Rag

    I always knew I was a creative and crafty person but boy did that go into overdrive when I found out I was pregnant with Jamie! I wanted to make anything and everything in preparation for my little man like a quilt, minky blankets, a…

  • 10 Beautiful DIY Wall Clock
    Decor DIY

    10 Beautiful DIY Wall Clocks

    Today we’re talking wall decor with 10 beautiful DIY wall clocks! Clocks are the perfect way to add some personality and functionality in your decor, but boy can they be expensive! These DIYs are a great way to get that expensive look for a lot less,…