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  • twisted half up messy bun

    Easy 5 Minute Twisted Top Knot Half up Tutorial

    When you don’t have the time, you don’t have the time! I am often hurrying to get myself ready in the morning and have to debate on whether I want to spend what little time I have on my hair or makeup. Usually, makeup wins…

  • Life on Waller
    Decor DIY

    DIY Clay Jewelry Dish

    I love jewelry, especially rings and simple necklaces! However, after I wear them, I tend to throw them on my desk in my room, and often accidentally roll off to the oblivion of my carpet! If you’ve ever dropped a small stud into your carpet…

  • DIY More

    DIY Pom Pom Paperclip Bookmarks

    A bit ago I DIYed adorableΒ tassel paperclip bookmarks to use as tabs to get myself a little more organized around here! Well, I just couldn’t help put make a few more, this time with DIY pom poms and some neon yarn! Check out my tassel…

  • Beauty

    5 Step Messy Top Knot

    Today’s post is a look that I rock ALL THE TIME! Being a stay at home mom with a grab-anything-he-can-get-his-hands on 4 month old, pulling up my hair away from curious little hands helps me in being more patient with my little one; LOL. Luckily…

  • Baby DIY

    DIY Minky Baby Blanket

    Hey guys, today’s post goes way back to the very first thing I made for Jamie right when I found out I was pregnant. This DIY is an easy minky baby blanket, and I mean easy! I use this blanket everyday, it is placed inside…

  • Baby DIY

    DIY Pacifier Clip

    My sweet Jamie is really good to take his bink, but hasn’t mastered keeping it in his mouth. Consequently I have been hesitant to give it to him while out and about. I knew I needed a pacifier clip, so why not make one? Well…

  • Decor DIY

    DIY Faux Floating Shelves Under $40

    Hey there all you fellow design enthusiasts! You’ve just fallen in love with some beautiful wood floating shelves probably from West Elm. Continued to check out only to find out they are $150+. You then have to debate whether you can sacrifice your soul for…