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  • 50 Free things to do with your one year old

    50 Free (Or Almost Free) Things To Do With Your 1-Year-Old

    As a stay-at-home mom, I am constantly trying to figure out different activities I can do with Jamie other than playing with his same old toys over and over. At one year old, I feel like he’s just old enough now that I had to…

  • 6 Free Phone Wallpapers

    6 Free Phone Wallpapers

    Our phones are virtually attached to our hips nowadays and have even become more of a fashion statement than anything. Seriously, why else would we all have iPhones? I personally switched over to an iPhone just after high school because of the massive case selection…

  • Free Modern Wall Art Downloadable Prints
    Decor Freebies

    Free Modern Wall Art Downloadable Prints

    As some of you know I started an Etsy store this January and that is where I fell in love with making prints! They have completely taken me over! I found they were a great way to let my creativity fly while being able to…

  • Freebies

    Free 2017 Watercolor Leaf Printable Calendar

    Free printable calendar? Yes! Hey All Christmas is right around the corner! I know we are all focused on December 25th and last minute Christmas shopping, but 2017 is creeping up fast! So to help you be slightly more prepared for the new year, here…