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  • diy baby romper pattern
    Baby DIY

    DIY Baby Romper + Free Pattern

    It’s a girl! Well, at least I think it’s a girl! Yes, I’m about 7 weeks pregnant and my gut feeling is it’s a girl. Maybe it’s just me hoping for a mini-me or maybe it’s just because this pregnancy really feels different than my…

  • DIY Cloth Sunglasses Case
    DIY Fashion

    DIY Cloth Sunglasses Case

    We all knowΒ the terrible feeling of ruining a killer pair of sunglasses by simply throwing them into our purse of the middle console of our car. That is why a case for your sunglasses is so essential! It will save your sunglasses from scratches and…

  • Baby DIY

    DIY Triangle Quilt + Free Pattern

    This DIY Triangle Quilt is one of the very first things I made for Jamie! Don’t mind my half started nursery! I am right in the middle of planning, pinning, and DIYing the decor for Jamie’s room. It’s going to be amazing so yes, I…

  • Baby DIY

    DIY Minky Baby Blanket

    Hey guys, today’s post goes way back to the very first thing I made for Jamie right when I found out I was pregnant. This DIY is an easy minky baby blanket, and I mean easy! I use this blanket everyday, it is placed inside…

  • Baby DIY

    DIY Pacifier Clip

    My sweet Jamie is really good to take his bink, but hasn’t mastered keeping it in his mouth. Consequently I have been hesitant to give it to him while out and about. I knew I needed a pacifier clip, so why not make one? Well…

  • Baby DIY

    DIY Bandana Bib

    I received a few of these handkerchief style bibs at my baby shower in April, and they have proved to be very useful. It’s safe to say Jamie isn’t exactly the cleanest of eaters, so having these under his chin are outfit savers! We use…