Top 5 Salon Secrets to Grow Your Hair Longer and Faster! Tips that actually work From a Licensed Professional.

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Grow hair quickly with these tips!

We have all, at some point in out lives, tried to grow out our hair.

In Junior high, I went through this crazy emo-esk phase of raccoon eyes and the desire of the perfect side swept fringe bang that was more of a glorified come over.

After the perfect fringe, the only element missing from my rebellious look was what I now call the “Emo Mullet”. This hairstyle consisted of ultra short layers on top, teased and backcombed to high heaven, finally falling with an ultra thin final layer of hair that fell all the way to the underworld. The longer and more colorful the better. Yes I know, beautiful right?

In my seemingly thoughtful and creative 13-year-old mind, I could achieve this look if I simply cut out the entire middle section (from ear to ear) of my hair. Genius right?

Needless to say, it didn’t work and spend the next few weeks bawling my eyes out.

While I am glad to have quickly out grown that phase, It took many years to re-grow that section of hair, only to end up having to eventually cut everything to match, and then try to grow out everything again. Talk about backpedaling.

This experience, along with many “1/2 inch” trims that weren’t actually 1/2 an inch, and bleach over bleach catastrophes that had me searching for hair growth miracles far and wide. Aiding in the decision to finally go to school and eventually learn these secrets from the salon myself.

Whether it be bad haircuts or just wanting a change, this desire to have long locks has driven us to scrounge the internet for any method or supplement, no matter how odd, that promises unheard of growth in no time.

I am here to tell you what does work! These are the top 5 salon secrets I have learned first hand to grow real, healthier, stronger hair faster!

Grow Healthier Stronger Hair Faster!

1. Dry trim every 6 months

We’ve all heard that having your hair trimmed often is good for our hair, and helps it grow! But don’t let your hairdresser talk you into trims every month!

Here’s the deal, a trim does not magically stimulate your hair to grow faster and longer! No matter how many supplements or tricks or time you wait to grow your hair, if you have damaged ends then you will never get anywhere! As you grow, the ends break so it’s important to keep your ends healthy without constantly cutting all of the hair you just grew! Trimming your hair is the #1 way to keep your hair healthy by removing your spit, most damaged hair but if done too often you will only be cutting off what you just grew! So it is important to have healthy ends because healthy ends equal length!

-If you have over-processed damaged hair:

Start by getting rid of all of your split, dead ends. Your hair needs a fresh new start with healthy hair if you ever want to grow LONG hair. If you have 2” of damage and only cut off an inch then you are only splitting your hair more. That means more breakage, so even while your hair continues to grow your ends will continue to break, leaving most thinking their hair isn’t even growing.

-After the damage is gone, or if you have healthier hair to start with:

Keep your ends healthy without chopping off your hard earned growth by trimming your hair about twice a year. Yes, twice a YEAR! If you follow the rest of these tips, your hair will only need a little bit off. Usually only about an inch!

Trim your hair Dry!

If you’re like me, super attached to your hair then never trim your hair wet again! When your hair is wet it can stretch up to 50% of its original length, which means an inch wet may look more like two inches dry. When your hair is trimmed dry there is less room for error and it is actually easier to see your dead ends. Dry cutting will help remove what needs to go and keep everything that doesn’t!

Healthy ends are key to hair growth!

-At home maintenance:

Between your semi-annual trims, give yourself mini healthy trims. You can do this by twisting sections of your hair or bend it over your fingers and cut off the little ends that poke out. Make sure you are using sharp scissors! We don’t want more spit ends.

2. Minimize Breakage

Minimizing hair breakage is key to growing your hair out long and fast! There is no point in supplements and stimulators if your damaged ends keep breaking off. So after you have removed your damaged ends it is extremely important for fast hair growth that you keep your hair as healthy as possible!

-Braids over ponies:

Hair elastics can break off hair when in a heavy ponytail, especially if you are constantly tightening your pony! Minimize your breakage by braiding your hair instead!

-Don’t brush your hair when wet:

Like mentioned above, when your hair is wet it can stretch up to 50% of its original length, and if too much stress is applied it will break off. Because hair is so easily tangled when wet, if you take a brush to it you will create split ends and can break off healthy hair.

Instead opt for a wide tooth comb or Wet Brush, combing from end to root. This helps you to ease out the tangles rather than rip through them. Another way to keep your hair untangled is to braid your hair before bed! This will leave you with less bedhead to brush through in the morning and can give you gorgeous heatless waves!

-Eliminate the heat:

We’ve all heard this before, stop using heat on your hair. The constant use of heat on your hair will cause tons of damage, again, making it harder to grow out your hair. The most simple way to avoid this is to ditch heat altogether. Try heatless waves or a fun new braid instead!
But if you just can’t get away from the heat I suggest using it once for an initial look that will last as long as possible. When I curl my hair with my flat iron, my curls will last a good three days then they are a perfect wave for a half up style or braid.

Braids will be your life saver when it comes to growing out hair!

3. Stop Coloring and Lightening Your Hair

This should be a no-brainer, we all know that lighteners (bleach) damage our hair but color does damage as well. If you want your hair to grow fast then avoid them both! Let your hair breathe! The constant opening and closing of your hair cuticle done by coloring and lightening creates stress on your hair, and can stunt growth by creating yet again more damage!

Luckily for us, there are many ways to blend your hair back its natural color with minimal damage and still look beautiful!

If you lighten your hair, wean off the bleach by asking your stylist for a shadow root in a color similar to your natural. This way your hair can grow out beautifully without the look of unmaintained roots!
if you color your hair darker than your natural, add a few highlights and your growth will blend into a beautiful balayage look as it grows!

4. Wash Hair Once or Twice a Week

Yes, still shower every day just throw on that shower cap! The natural oils in your hair and scalp are incredibly beneficial to your hair health! When you wash your hair too often you are stripping your hair of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and promote hair growth.

Over washing results in the overproduction of natural oils because your hair and scalp are trying to compensate for the over washing! This is why people who wash their hair every day may say they “have to”. By the next day, their hair may look greasy because their scalp and hair are trying to keep up with the constant stripping of oils!

You should really only be washing your hair once or twice a week to let your hair get the natural oils it needs. This may take a few weeks for you and your hair to get used to but it will thank you! Get through those beginning greasy days hats, up-dos, and braids!

5. Biotin, Hair Skin and Nails, Prenatal Vitamins

Other than hair care and maintenance, these supplements are what I would most often recommend to clients who are looking to grow their hair fast! Biotin is the main vitamin in most hair, skin, and nails pills.

Biotin is is a B vitamin that helps with hair, skin and nail health. This vitamin was first discovered to help with these things when horses with brittle hooves were treated with it. You can grab a bottle of these hair, skin, and nail pills or just biotin vitamins at your local drugstore.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that these bad boys really work! Give yourself a month and you will see results!

Another suggested supplement is prenatal vitamins. After having my little Jamie my ob/GYN told me that every woman ages 16+ should actually be taking a prenatal vitamin. Prenatals have lots of different vitamins that promote hair growth! So while you’re out grabbing some Biotin, grab some prenatal vitamins too!

The fastest way to grow your hair long is to keep it healthy!

I have experienced first hand the miracle growth these steps produce!  Dedicate yourself to these tips and I guarantee your hair will be long and flowing soon! [themify_icon icon=”fa-heart-o” link=”http://”] Cassie Jean

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